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February 22, 2009

Trains Tv Airlines Returns!!!

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hey everyone Trains13 my buddy on cp you know the yellow guy always wears yellow,glasses,his black feather hat,his coat,his pirate shoes lol ya him well i work with him on his chat and blog he is really famous and i just wanna say Thank you Heatblast227 for adding Trains as an author to your site! it really means alot to him and i just wann give a shout out to my buddy Waddlguin he is very cool,loyal,nice,a good friend Waddlguin has made the mod spot 2 times now on ChrisDog93’s new forum Plaza Penguins! so i just wanna give Waddlguin this :  and also for trains tv airline party heres the invite:

well cya guys later!! -Zapper903


Zapper903s 14th birthday!!

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hey guys! it’s my 14th birthday on monday! see im having a party today becuz tomorrow is school for me so im having the party today i hope you all can come! i emailed cp asking them if Billybob could maybe come and they said He might have some time on his hands so OMG!!! he might come and Trains13,heat,and more of my friends are gonna be there =) if you wanna come please tell me so i can know whos gonna be there! heres the info invite your all invited!

  • when : 2/22/09 (sunday)
  • where : Zapper903s igloo on map
  • time : 3:00pst
  • server : Sleet

Puffle Video!![NEW]

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hey guys there is a new post and the Cp team seems reallllllly excited about it they have put a video on there blog for the first time! and this video will help us get more cp users! click Here to watch it! this video is really nice,teaches a lesson and it tells us to take care of our puffles so i hope you guys liked the video =) well thats it for now cya guys later -Zapper903

New Puffle Party update!

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hey everyone! Zapper here wow i havent been posting in a while sorry about that iv’e been helpin Trains13 with his blog sooo anyway there is a new puffle update for your igloos they now have puffle posters! 75 coins each! so if you think these look cool then i would go buy one heres a picture of them engposters2.jpg

these look really cool i have the thin ice,green puffle,astro barrier poster which one(S) do you guys have? well hope you guys like them cya later -Zapper903

February 18, 2009

Toy update!

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hey everyone! Zapper903 here ok soo Cp has some new toys for the UK heres a sneak peek  well i hope these toys dont have CHEMICALS IN THEM woops did i say that? LOL i ment umm nvm hahaha so anyway sometime really soon you’ll see new 6″ Limited Edition penguins and 2″ Mix & Match figures at North American Toys’R’Us locations, North American Disney Stores and Theme Parks! and remember DONT MOOCH OFF UR FRIENDS HAHAHA LOL GO BUY UR OWN but if your friend is having a toy code contest then enter! sooo tell us what you think of the new toys!g.jpg

umm in other news! if you havent heard already idk if mohd has already told anyone or posted it but Chewy and Mohd will be moving blogs soon! Mohd says it will be #1 search on google soon! soo GO MOHD!! there site is awesome no matter what they need to stop fighting and F.Y.I Mohd owns that site Chewy is his partner and umm SNOWDOBBY IS AN EPIC FAIL! xD lol sooo keep watching for updates on mohds site for that!

Trains Tv News!! keep going to Trains13s site for more cp updates! we update 24/7! and we are also an author on Heatblast227s site! so check that out! please go to and also go to thats all for this post -Zapper903

February 14, 2009

Zappers friend Zack R.I.P 1/30/09 – 2/6/09

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hey penguins Zapper903 here well if you have seen me around Frozen,dock telling ppl that my friend passed away well…it’s true… =( what happened was this Ok on 1/30/09 my friend Zack.b was only 10yrs old he was at home with his 3 other siblings 1 of them was his 15yr old brother Micheal. Micheal had a gun with him he was playing with it they said he didn’t know it was loaded and it was he aimed it….and then BANG he shot Zack in the head they said it was a hugeee Accident they called 9-1-1 A.S.A.P they said no parents were home at the time Zack and Micheals dad is a county sherrif where i live and Zack’s dad was veryyyyy sad his family is going through some very…hard times right now. They had his funeral on 2/6/09 which was my Brother Nick’s 17th birthday so that was really sad…i went to the funeral =( it was reallly sad his brother wasnt there….i don’t blame him cuz if i were his brother o gosh everyone would hate me and my friend Trevor whos in my 3rd period class at school him,his 2 sisters Jewl,Sarah had known Zack for the past 6 years and Sarah was realllllly upset then one dat at school Trevor had his Silver Gold neckalace on he wore it every day and then the next day he didnt we asked him “Trev wheres ur neckalace”? he said “it’s on Zack’s grave” we said omg….then my whole class was silent it was a bad week for me and my whole school,county,neighborhood so thats what happened well just wanted to share that with you guys so you understand more well Waddle on -Zapper903

Puffles Playing updates

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hey everyone well the puffle update is here! they now play more and not just laze around the igloo all day they play more! they drink better,they play better,they take a bath better,everything this is kinda cool!  and guys remember TAKE CARE OF  YOUR PUFFLES! well heres the picture of Billybobs puffle from the post : sparkle-fullbars1.jpg haha we should all go name our puffles that so it’s like we stole billybobs puffle lol well thats ur final puffle update well stay tuned for more updates untill then Waddle on! -Zapper903

Puffles play today!!!

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hey everyone well the puffle idea is here! puffle will play more and not just be lazy! so hurry and go buy more puffle stuff and GUYS! HURRY MAKE UR IGLOO LIKE BILLYBOBS!! heres the sneak peek of Billybob in his igloo playing with his puffles : puffleplaywin.jpgwhered he get all the RH posters!?!?!!? well thats it f0r your puffle updates stay tuned for more updates untill then Waddle on! -Zapper903

Happy77 talks to a stage artist

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hey everyone eh well i know this isnt very ur thing but Happy77 has talked to a stage artist i guess there the one who brings back all the old plays 24/7 -__- well anyway heres the interview

Do you just read the Stage scripts after they’re written and then draw what you want?
We do them together. We draw as the writers are putting in ideas and suggestions.

What’s your favorite part of drawing for the stage?
Creating a whole tiny world in one room. Sometimes when I get into it, it feels like I’m actually in a fairy tale forest or in an old detective movie. It’s so much fun!

Have you ever drawn candy (or food) for any of the stages?
Well, I’ve drawn some alien beverages one time… but I try not to draw too much food, otherwise I’d get hungry!

hmm well thats sorta a funny/interesting interview and heres the sneak peek of it


as you can see this picture theres Happy77 the black penguin with the alien antenas

well these are all ur updates about the happy77 interview stay tuned for more updates!

untill then Waddle on! – Zapper903

Clubpenguin Welcomes the French

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Hey everyone, well Clubpenguin has now let French have a chance at getting the hang of Clubpenguin so unless you dont speak french dont go in their server or un less you dont know some of these words you wont survive 10 seconds heres a quick sneak peek at the new french server :

french launch.JPG

well those are the new French server posts keep checking back for more updates untill then Waddle on -Zapper903

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